Voice Overs │ ADR │ Foley Recording

As a Durban audio post-production studio utilizing the latest Pro Tools, secret plugins & R128 compliance specs, we can provide you with the following sound solutions:

Voice Over Recording & ADR

Whether you need a voice captured for a series or corporate video, or an ADR session to replace inadequate on set recordings, Final Mix sound studio can accommodate your needs.

Foley Recording

Missed out on set-sound and now you need to add some realism to your visuals? We can do that..from footsteps and transportation, to car crashes and general ambiance.

Location Sound Recording

With so much emphasis on visuals, sound can often be overlooked along with its golden rule – you can’t always fix bad sound! If you get it right the first time, you will make a good production into a great production. The real solution to getting great sound is by having a separate skilled location sound recordist. Remember, sound is half the entertainment after all. For more information on location sound, visit locationsound.co.za